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Secure online accounts, information, and transactions with convenient risk-based user authentication and fraud detection: RSA Adaptive Authentication.

RSA Adaptive Authentication

Protect online accounts, information, and transactions with RSA Adaptive Authentication. Secure access with risk-based, multifactor authentication and fraud detection. Most user activity authenticates automatically, so you’ll keep the experience easy on your customers in web and mobile channels.

RSA Adaptive Authentication looks at more than 100 indicators to evaluate the level of risk associated with a user’s login and post-login activity.

The software’s risk engine and your organization’s policy determine when a user request must pass an additional layer of security. You can optionally license a variety of step-up authentication methods: one-time password, out-of-band phone call, out-of-band SMS, and more.

The RSA Adaptive Authentication software license includes:

  • Risk-based authentication at user login and post login
  • Self-learning risk engine that profiles devices and behavior
  • Policy manager module for creating rules
  • Intelligence feed from the RSA eFraudNetwork to share known sources of fraud
  • Secondary authentication with challenge questions
  • Case management tool to track flagged user activity

Key features:

  • Enables secure, convenient multifactor user authentication and fraud detection
  • Maximizes ease of use: no tokens to lose, no software for users to download
  • Configurable to support remote access points: web, mobile, and SSL VPNs
  • Offers additional options to extend your protection: transaction monitoring, step-up authentication
  • Provides choice of on-premise and SaaS deployment

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