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Get additional RSA SecurID Hardware Authenticators here. Key fob or card tokens for two-factor authentication, hard-disk encryption, email signing.

RSA SecurID Hardware Tokens

Get additional RSA SecurID Hardware tokens when you need to cover a growing number of users. RSA SecurID Hardware tokens bring you proven strong authentication that combines time, an algorithm, and a unique identifier.

You can enable multiple uses for your RSA SecurID Hardware tokens. Set up these multi-use tokens to handle two-factor authentication, or broaden the uses to include hard-disk encryption, email signing, and more for your users.

You’ll see fewer token failures in the field because RSA SecurID technology uses one of the highest quality authenticator manufacturing processes in the industry.


  • Provides time-synchronous strong authentication
  • Works with RSA SecurID Access (formerly RSA SecurID/RSA Authentication Manager) (required)
  • Covered by lifetime warranty

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